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Tracked Emails UX Request
Hello. You recently made some changes to the Mailbulter interface , but I would like for you to consider returning some things as they were. To check the email tracking now I have to check them in the Apple Mail sidebar. I don’t like it this way. It takes too much space from my mails and a lot of clicks • First I have to click on the Mailbulter icon to open the side bar and most of the times it doesn’t show the most recent mails. • So I have to click on the X at the bottom to close it. • Then click on it again to reopen and then it refreshes. • Then I click again on the Mailbulter icon to close the sidebar (since I don’t want to have it open always) A lot of clicks just to check my tracking emails… Also this way also moves and messes up my mail columns that I had (From, Subject, Date Received, Attachments, etc) I have them set up to the width I wanted , but when I click on the icon to open the side bar it changes all my custom column width settings The way it was before was much better and convenient I had a Mailbulter icon in my Menu bar and I just clicked on it once to see my tracked emails. I do this a LOT of times each day I could access it anytime quickly and in any App I had open and it always showed the most recent mails. Could you at least give us an option to have it like that? If some people like the new way you have it leave like default but for people that liked the Mailbulter menu item give us a chance to activate it via a preference. Thanks,
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