Why can’t we have the option of additional PAID ACTIONS? Removing the FREE ACTIONS was completely understandable from a business standpoint, BUT…. why not give us the option to pay for X number of HIGHER-TIER actions on a monthly/yearly basis? For example, if I know December will be very busy with emails, I might want to buy 30 higher-tier Actions. If I need more for that month, I might “refill” and buy another 15.
THIS scenario is something I (and I’m sure other customers) would strongly consider, if it were implemented. Because, as of now, it is not financially feasible to upgrade to a higher-level plan for just one or two features that I need. Either for my personal Essentials account at home, or my Professional account at work.
MB will then have an additional revenue stream and gain/keep customers like myself who need a more customized experience for both personal and professional use.