One feature missing in MailButler is mail organisation, such as provided by MailHub for Mac, which is very effective (far more so than Apple’s Mail). It seems that Dervish Software have given up on MailHub since no version is available on their web site for Catalina (each version is OS specific). There is a major yearning for it to come back if you read their support web site.
MailHub is incredibly effective at three things: (i) filing emails into folders that contain similar emails (its cache must be far more extensive than held in Mail); (ii) finding folders by partial name and opening them; and (iii) filtering emails (click on an email in a folder, then click on filter and instantly only those emails that have that sender are shown. Given its apparent demise, I think there is a real opportunity to add these features to MailButler, hopefully at both Professional and Business subscription level, especially since it would complement well the vast array of other features already built in. It may also provide additional incentive for users to switch from Essential to Professional.